Sheep Farming

 stitched by the Central Hawkes Bay Guild

Sheep farming, Central Hawkes Bay Guild

New Zealand’s First Sheep were released in 1773. 1882 saw the first shipment of frozen meat.

The Central Hawke’s Bay Needle Worker’s Group were enthusiastic to be involved in the history panels. Sheep farming is very prominent in Central Hawke’s Bay therefore they chose this subject.

Each member stitched a section of the panel. Members helped with suggestions and advice about the style of stitch and colour to be used. The panel was present most meeting and it was interesting to see it develop. Some stitched at meeting and others took the panel at home and completed their section there.

The members were pleased to have been one of the first to complete their panel. Even though it was sent to Dunedin we asked for it back so it could be displayed at a regional ‘stitch in’.