Foundation of Otago

 stitched by the Otago Guild



From the guild
This panel depicts three gentlemen vital to the early settlement of Otago, Kettle, surveyor, Burns, minister of the first church, and Cargill, Otago superintendent. Maori people had already settled around the harbour when the first European ships arrived. These ships were the Philip Laing and the John Wickliffe.

The first stitches, sewn by the family of Fred Haslam, were stitched in his memory.
These stitches are preserved in a small box on the left hand side near the top of the outer border. Members of the Otago Embroiderers’ Guild stitched the rest of the panel.

Alex Gilks

Names of embroiderers:
Anne Jaquiery
Shirley Jaquiery
Margaret Kennedy
Jan Letts
Judy Mason,
Barbara Smith
Jeanette Trotman

Started: November 2011
Stitching completed: November 2014

We are very grateful to the Otago Community Trust for their generous support of this panel.